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About Benefitter Insurance Solutions Inc.

Benefitter Insurance Solutions, Inc. (“Benefitter”) provides software and services to help employers make a positive, profitable and deliberate transition to the new era of health benefits; an era defined by individual empowerment. Moving from group insurance to the individual market can be a win-win for employees and employers alike. But a change of that magnitude can be intimidating; everyone has questions. Benefitter helps to provide answers.

From analytics that can help companies determine which employees can be better served by the individual insurance market; to communicating with employees to help ease them through the enrollment process, Benefitter is dedicated to making health benefits sustainable, beginning now. We value the perspectives of employers and brokers, who together play vital roles in supporting workers’ search for affordable financial protection. We have the tools to achieve change with clarity, fairness and confidence.

Benefitter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of HealthMarkets, Inc., a privately owned company.  HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is the d/b/a or assumed name of Insphere Insurance Solutions, Inc., which is licensed as an insurance agency in 49 states and DC.