Group benefits

  • HR chooses plan

  • Unsustainable rate increases

  • Some employees can’t afford coverage

  • Administrative burden


Individual benefits

  • Employee chooses plan

  • Costs controlled

  • All employees can access coverage

  • Administrative simpliciy

The Benefitter Solution

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Objective Analysis

Chances are, there’s a cost effective alternative to group insurance; one that can be a win-win for the company and its employees. Benefitter provides a clear, objective analysis with tools that take into account the perspectives of both employer and employees. All significant cost drivers of the individual market are factored in, including tax effects and the employer mandate.

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Align Benefits with Wages

Fair, compliant compensation brings the cost of benefits in-line with wages. Benefitter technology can guide the creation of a compensation strategy that mutually benefits employer and employees. Our SmartCompensation™ approach brings balance and simplicity to the core objective of maximizing savings, and is fully compliant with IRS and Department of Labor guidance. (Read More)

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Empower Employees

For change to succeed, employees need a clear understanding of why it is important and how they can benefit from the transition. Benefitter supports employers during this phase with our step-by-step implementation guides, project plans, and templates, all of which draw on our experience with other employers.

Benefitter’s customizable communication engine automates e-mail and paper delivery of key messaging and tailors content to different employee types. These communications provide employees with individualized access to a custom-tailored Navigator Enrollment Portal featuring interactive educational resources and one-on-one enrollment support, ensuring employees get the right coverage.

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Benefit Administration, Simplified.

As an employer, you can now have the benefits of offering health insurance to your employees, with a substantially reduced administrative burden. The Benefitter platform is designed to meet your ongoing needs beyond the transition phase, as new employees come onboard and when current employees have questions. Benefitter helps employers reevaluate compensation strategies as needed, and provides support to employees during the annual open enrollment period.