Benefitter Careers

Say hello to your future! Be a part of the company that is developing innovative solutions to provide dynamic user experiences.

Benefitter is a great place to work. We move fast and there are always new challenges. The team is down-to-earth and works together well. We’re proud of the system we’re building and excited to keep making it better.

Sarah Crane Newman
Benefitter, Senior Project Manager

Join the Innovation

The Benefitter team at HealthMarkets is an elite team that provides innovative technology to insurance agents, small businesses, and employees. We operate as a largely autonomous start-up within one of the largest independent health insurance agencies in the United States, giving us both the flexibility of a small company and the stability of a larger one.

The platform we build at Benefitter helps people make informed decisions about insurance products that can protect their health and financial well-being. 

Located in downtown San Francisco, a block away from Montgomery BART station, Benefitter is a collaborative and high-achieving team. We have trust and confidence in one another, as well as high expectations of ourselves and each other. We have hobbies and families and friends, and so value work-life balance. We are proud of the diversity of our team and enjoy learning from one another.