FAQs for Benefitter Health Insurance Quoting Software

Want to know more about Benefitter? Get answers to your most common questions about how the revolutionary tool helps brokers and agents sell.
What is Benefitter?
Benefitter is an online sales enablement tool that helps agents more effectively manage quoting, underwriting, and enrollment for small business health insurance.
How do I sign up for Benefitter?

To create an account, go here: https://ei.benefitter.com/registration

How much does Benefitter cost?

Benefitter is free to most brokers.

Can I sign up for a demo?

To sign up for a demo, click here. Then click on your state to sign up for a date and time that works for you.

Do you provide training and support?
Yes. Once you have activated your Benefitter account you can sign up for training.
What states does Benefitter operate in?
Benefitter operates in all 50 states.
What carriers are included in the tool?
Benefitter has most ACR carriers in all states.
How does Benefitter get its data?

Benefitter sources data directly from the carrier wherever possible. This ensures our data is timely and accurate. When we can’t source directly, Benefitter uses third-party sources.

Is the tool just for medical plans?
No! Benefitter currently enables you to quote medical, dental, vision and basic life plans.
Can I install a group on Benefitter?
You can create a group enrollment installation on Benefitter for select carriers including All Savers and Humana fully insured.
Will you add additional products?
It is our goal to expand our product portfolio soon.
Can I quote level-funded plans on Benefitter?
Yes, you can currently quote UnitedHealthcare level-funded and Oxford level-funded plans alongside your fully insured plans.
Can I add plans not pre-loaded in Benefitter?
Yes. Benefitter includes an “ADD PLAN” button to add information.
What if my census changes in the middle of the sales process?
Benefitter will support census changes throughout the underwriting process.
Who at my firm should have a Benefitter account?
Benefitter works best when everyone who touches clients — producers, assistants, and back-office personnel — have an account.
What if I am already use a quoting tool?

We encourage you to give Benefitter a try. It’s the simplest technology on the market today and it’s free to most brokers.

Will Benefitter work with my ben admin tool?
Does Benefitter support adds, changes, and deletes?

No. Your ben admin tool will support any ongoing maintenance of adds, changes, or deletes.

Is my data safe on Benefitter?

Yes. Benefitter takes the importance of data safety and privacy very seriously. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

What is Benefitter’s relationship with UnitedHealthcare?
Benefitter is a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare.