Quote, Underwrite, Enroll for Small Businesses

Benefitter saves you time and helps you sell more business with our easy-to-use intuitive technology. Its all-in-one quote capabilities deliver a dynamic broker sales experience that enables you to:
  • Significantly increase your client revenue
  • Close business faster
  • Streamline administrative functions


Don’t spend hours, days, or weeks building a multi-carrier, multi-line proposal. Build one in 5 minutes with Benefitter.
  • Access reliable and timely direct-sourced carrier data.
  • Retrieve preloaded medical (including level funded), dental, vision and life plans.
  • Filter plans by carrier, network, deductible, and more.
  • View level-funded plans side by side with fully insured.
  • Includes electronic broker of record for new clients.
  • Easily create client-ready PDFs and spreadsheets.
When censuses or contribution strategies change, simplify the process with real-time technology.
  • Quickly access SBCs, marketing, and administrative documents.
  • Meet clients’ budgetary needs with real-time contribution modeling.
  • Effortlessly adjust census, contributions, and plans on the fly.
A virtual solution with a completely paperless platform.
  • Seamlessly conduct business digitally.
  • Optimize sales presentations for virtual environments.
  • Easily share proposals with your team and business partners.


Streamline the entire underwriting experience, including level-funded products.
  • Start the underwriting process with a single click.
  • Retrieve pre-loaded, built-in illustrative (not underwritten) rates.
  • Adjust commission on the fly to ensure appropriate compensation for effort.
  • View underwritten rates instantly on your proposal once underwritten.
  • See preliminary and final underwritten rates with no paperwork.
  • Deliver underwritten rates directly into an existing client-ready proposal.
Automate the Individual Medical Questionnaire process and eliminate the struggle to collect information.
  • Kick off an electronic medical questionnaire via employee email addresses.
  • Simplify data collection with mobile-optimized questionnaires.
  • Accept both paper and electronic versions.
Collect the right underwriting information the first time.
  • Avoid unnecessary back and forth for missing information.
  • Carry over census and employer information used on your proposal.
  • Get asked only the additional information needed for underwriting.
  • Collect member-level census information up front, or just in time.
  • Use the enhanced messaging center to communicate with underwriters.


A paperless, mobile-optimized employee election process with no setup.
  • Ability for employees to complete and sign elections on their smart devices.
  • Create employee elections census enrollment spreadsheets.
  • Provide reminders for employees to complete elections via a drip marketing campaign.
  • Get notified when enrollment is complete for next steps.
A completely electronic employer enrollment process.
  • Enjoy no-paperwork enrollment with integrated carriers.
  • Simplify employer applications with 75% fewer fields than some paper applications.
  • Benefit from error checking, plan compatibility, and business rule checking.
  • Streamline the electronic signature process for brokers, employers, and employees.
  • Deliver group and member IDs faster than most carrier’s systems.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Interface

With an intuitive and agent-friendly interface, you have more control in cross-selling medical and ancillary products to your small business clients across multiple devices.

Optimized for Tablets, PCs, and Macs