Announcing Benefitter

We are delighted to announce Benefitter, a business that helps employers make the Affordable Care Act affordable for themselves and their employees.

When we began Benefitter, we were primarily focused on opportunities for employers to fund their employees’ healthcare coverage through HRAs (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) and for employees to purchase insurance on a healthcare exchange. However, in light of announcements in January 2013 from officials in Washington, D.C., it becomes clear that many employers will best serve themselves and their employees by opting out of traditional employer-sponsored group health care in favor of employer-supported individual health care.

While this transition in benefits will be mutually beneficial for a large portion of employers and their employees, making that transition without support could be cumbersome and stressful for everyone involved. That’s why Benefitter shifted our focus onto guiding employers and their employees through this transition, to ensure that everyone truly benefits from this healthcare reform.

To learn how Benefitter can help you and your employees navigate healthcare reform, visit our website at