Brokers can now introduce enrollment solutions for an employer’s ineligible population through Benefitter

Many employers today have part-time, seasonal, and contracted employees who currently may not be eligible for group benefits.  Although providing health insurance for these employees may be something an employer can’t afford to do, having a workforce that is protected against health and financial issues is always in best interest of employers and employees alike.  Benefitter is now introducing a new communication campaign and enrollment solution designed specifically to help an ineligible employee population obtain coverage on the individual marketplace.

With open enrollment for the individual marketplace fast approaching on November 15th, employers have an opportunity to provide support, education, and guidance to ineligible employees by helping them find a path to obtaining individual coverage.  It’s as simple as providing them with a communication letter and access to Benefitter’s Navigator platform. There’s also a potential for commission opportunities on employees that enroll through this process.

Last year’s open enrollment created tons of market confusion that left many uninsured individuals on the sidelines and still without health insurance.  Benefitter provides brokers and employers with a simple roadmap to help guide uninsured employees through this complex system.

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