Success for Subsidies! The Supreme Court has ruled on King v. Burwell

Today the Supreme Court upheld subsidies for states who had not yet administered a state exchange in the King v. Burwell case. This not only means that over 6 millions Americans will be able to keep their affordable coverage, but it ensures that millions more will continue to have access. It’s truly a landmark decision for health care in our country.

Furthermore, it validates the individual market as an option for people seeking healthcare. It’s Benefitter’s belief that employers and their employees should see if the individual market is a better option to insure themselves than their traditional group plan. The inclusion of these subsidies in all 50 states ensures that every employer with an ill-fitting, expensive and ineffective group health plan can increase access for their employees, while dropping costs for everyone, by utilizing the individual marketplace as an alternative.

We have done hundreds of analyses of companies, and seen that time and time again the power of the individual market to increase coverage to employees, and cut costs for both employees and employers. Subsidies play a role, yes, but moreso the ability for people to personalize their benefits structure using our tool and the plans at their disposal gives them more control over how they are covered. No more is it just a “Here’s your plan, take it or leave it” situation. Now people can get the coverage they need, with the support of Benefitter to help guide them.

The PPACA is a transformative piece of legislation, not just symbolically but practically as well. According to the WSJ, the uninsured population has fallen 35% due to the law granting people access to affordable coverage. We believe this is just the beginning, and we want to help employers and employees realize these savings and opportunities themselves.

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